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On a brighter note…

I did spend some time with my mom today. It was nice. Sometimes I forget how much I love her. My mom really is an amazing strong women. She doesn’t understand me and my struggles and that can get frustrating, but she sure tries her best to.
Also, I got all my present shopping done today minus Lauren’s gift, but Lauren won’t be back in town until New Years so it’s not like I have a Christmas deadline to abide by. I know what I’m getting I just haven’t had the time to get it.
And finally…
My birthday is in 5 days. That’s something to look forward to right? One more year of experience and one year less I have to spend on this planet, plus I’m officially an adult in the state of Texas. We’re going to my favorite Italian restaurant and since it’s my birthday I’m going to try and be “normal” about my food. No promises though.

Yeah. That about sums up the brighter side of my life right now. Oh! And next Saturday is my day with Josh. Looking forward to that definitely!