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Purged at school

Because I make good choices like that.

Days without purging: 0

Awesome. :/

Message me and ask me something! Anything. Anon or not, I need the distraction right now…
I’m going to eat a whole pizza, and throw it up, because that’s just how I deal with life.

Let’s hope I die in the process. 

Hey guys, I just picked vomit chunks out of my hair that’s falling out, while my stomach is cramping up from the laxatives. Aren’t I SO glamorous?!

Waiting for laxatives to kick in is like waiting for a gunman to pull the trigger.

Chocolate laxatives. What a bittersweet experience.

I used to be the best at restricting, but lately all I can do is binge and purge. I’m disgusting.
Binged and purged twice in the last two hours. I’m disgusting.
Food for Jesus!

I just got back from a KidStand rehearsal. I’ve never mentioned KidStand here before, so let me explain. KidStand is a professional Christian performing arts group. We sing, dance (HipHop), and act to bring people who might not know Christ, to Christ. Whenever I get back from any type of Jesus event, I feel like I have the strength to eat, simply because I know that’s what God wants for me, and I know he would never harm me.

Today is a recovery day…so far. I am eating cookies and MILK (Milk = liquid calories= BIGGEST fear food). Later my sister is bringing pizza home, and I’ll have slice. Just a slice. I won’t let myself binge or purge. I will eat, like a human. I’ve danced a lot today and burned a lot of calories, so pizza won’t kill me.

I know I’ll regret it, I always do. I know late into the night the guilt will KILL me. I know the number on the scale tomorrow will make me cry, but I don’t care. As hard as it is I need to say “Fuck what I ‘want’, I need to do what I NEED, even if it goes against every fiber of my being”. So I’m going to eat for Jesus, and I’m going to enjoy it, and when the self hate comes, I’ll just persevere through it.

I feel obligated

Every time I stop restricting and try to eat like a normal person, I feel almost…obligated to binge and purge. I feel like it’s just what’s expected of me, and if I don’t I’m no longer “sick enough”, and no longer worthy of help, or able to be taken seriously. If I eat normally, then my whole eating disorder has become just a joke, a fake, and I’ve been hurting people over nothing. It causes me to usually end up binging and purging. It makes it so hard to recover. Any else struggle with this?

When starving isn’t numbing enough, I drown myself in food, only then to feel true hate and distgust for myself.

Don’t purge.