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To puke or not to Puke, that is the question.
Should not have worn shorts today.

I’m too fat for that.

….its a bad body image day.

Some people….

Okay, so I was at this Italian restaurant and I was binging on Italian food. I went to go purge and when I came back from the bathroom my waiter was talking to the cashier and they both stared me down. Then my waiter looked at the cashier and put his fingers down his throat. They stared at me some more. So obviously the waiter knew I purged. Then I went to go pay and the cashier gives me this HORRIBLE look. Just nasty, like I was some freak of nature.
Yes, douche I’m BULIMIC. Get over it. It’s a disease NOT a life style, so don’t be a judgmental prick!!!

"She ate that whole fucking bag of chips!"

- my mom to my dad.

….sorry mom. I purged them if that helps…..

Do you ever just crave a binge purge session?

Like, you aren’t even hungry, but you’re craving a binge. Like you’re addicted to the tastes and feelings of all the food. The feeling of being so full you’re about to burst, and the feelings of relief as you empty yourself. You want to simply because you can, simply because its what you know, simply because you feel you have to.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

Message me and ask me something! Anything. Anon or not, I need the distraction right now…
Recovery makes me fat. You have no idea how often I want to go back.


My mom finds my laxatives in my shorts while doing laundry, and instead of throwing them away, she gives them back to me O.o
antidepressants :/

  My mom wouldn’t get me my antidepressant (Lexapro) because it was “too expensive”, so now I have to wait for my doctor the prescribe a cheaper one. It’s probably gonna be Effexor. The thing is, is that I don’t want to take Effexor. I didn’t want to take an antidepressant at all, but then I finally became okay with Lexapro. Effexor has more gruesome side effects and the withdrawal symptoms are terrible. I don’t want to be on an antidepressant for the rest of my life, just until everything gets back in order, but if these withdrawal symptoms are as horrible as I’ve read, I may be stuck on it for a while. :/

Anyone have any experience with Effexor?  

Dear parents, stop talking about all your weight loss in front of me, Love Sloan
Blood results are in. Everything’s normal.

So that’s good…I guess.

Love my therapist…hate my family. Yeah, that sounds about right.