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"She ate that whole fucking bag of chips!"

- my mom to my dad.

….sorry mom. I purged them if that helps…..

Quotes that occurred from my mom tonight

“You’re depressed? Well when things are going your way you don’t seem so depressed”

“Grow up”

“Work on being a little less screwed up”

“You aren’t as sick as you think you are”

She also said we didn’t have the money to pay for my therapy. Little she sees…little she knows.
My mom just asked me if I gained weight.-_-

I never want to eat again.

*Me and mom talking about health*

Mom:I think losing weight is “general health”. If you’re losing weight, you’re getting healthy.

Me: what about people with eating disorders? They lose weight, and it’s not healthy.

Mom: That’s the LAST thing we need to worry about in this family. People like us need to count calories.

She means well, but she’s the most triggering person in my family…