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No, but all Anna was trying to do was lighten the mood and be social I feel so bad because she really does try and whenever she tries to open up to people at first it’s hard for her because they step away like Elsa or they give her the look that Kristoff gave her in this picture,
No wonder she wanted to marry Hans as soon as she met him. He was the only one who didn’t do all this at first. 
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"I already saw that on Tumblr."
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I just LOVE the animation here. The part with just their hands looks real. And I love the way Gothel’s fingers go from motherly gentle touch to creepy and evil. Beautiful

#I really apprecciate this gif#because when you’re in an abusive relationship often nothing seems wrong until you try to stand up for yourself#that loving pat tranforms into a claw when she defends herself#but really it was a claw all along(via)

someone once said that “you don’t really know someone until you say no to them”
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I never realized how overdramatic Zac Efron was until Tumblr. 
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Easter selfie!
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#these two run a country

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"Happy Easter!"

Planet of the Dead - April 2009

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some guy just knocked on my door and said “ben?” last time i checked i am not a ben

he just did it again and i had a moment of self doubt like

maybe i am ben

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Here’s some Easter trivia: If you eat a chocolate bunny anything other than ears first, you are a MONSTER
(Full infographic featuring additional trivia via DegreeSearch.org)
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Queen Elsa through the scenes of Frozen (2013)

(Princess Anna | Kristoff | Prince Hans)

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Queen Elsa en We Heart It.
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